This page contains some of the special music played at church services.

April 19, 2020              "Praise You In The Storm"                   sung by Mike Grennell  (copied from 5/27/12)

December 22, 2019     "One Small Child"                                  Played by Anne Owen and Maureen Berson

September 29, 2019      un-named song                                       sung by Mike Grennell

December 18, 2016   "He Shall Reign for Evermore"              sung by Mike Grennell

November 5, 2016    "Because He Lives"                                   sung by Mike Grennell

October 30, 2016    "There Is A Candle"                                   sung by Chris Rice (copied from the Internet)

December 20, 2015    "Mary Did You Know?"                           sung by Mike Grennell

December 21, 2014    "Mary Did You Know?"                          sung by Mike Grennell

July 6, 2014                "Healing Rain"                                        sung by Mike Grennell

November 10, 2013    "I Will Rise"                                             sung by Mike Grennell

August 4, 2013           Music selections                                       Played on the harpsichord by Anna Vorhees

December 12, 2012    "Mary Did You Know?"                            sung by Mike Grennell

November 11, 2012    "Desperado"                                               sung by Mike Grennell

May 27, 2012             "Praise You In The Storm"                       sung by Mike Grennell

May 13, 2012                                                                                sung by Norman Clark

December 18, 2011    "Mary Did You Know?"                            sung by Mike Grennell

April 24, Easter, 2011 "He's Alive"                                               sung by Norman Clark

February 20, 2011       "When the Saints Go Marching In"         sung by the Choir

January 30th, 2011      "There Is None Like You"                         sung by Mike Grennell

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